literature review and evidence based practice recommendations

Please only use articles published in the last 5 years or less

problem: lack of, or inadequate health insurance related to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice

See attached the first part of this paper.

In the first part of this project, you identified a consumer challenge related to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice in health care and analyzed the impact of legislation on the problem. Now, you will be searching the literature to identify potential solutions and ways of recommending them.

Searching for evidence is a critical step in evidence-based practice. You must perform this step to be prepared to offer evidence-based solutions. In this assignment, you will conduct a literature review to find evidence-based approaches to address your identified issue.

Completion of this assignment will demonstrate your achievement of the following course outcomes:

  • 4. analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in health care
  • 5. evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement

Assignment Guidelines

  1. Identify at least five sources pertinent to the consumer challenge you identified in the first part of this project. At least three of the sources must be articles from professional peer-reviewed publications.
  2. In a 5–6-page paper, complete the following:
    1. Synthesize your findings from the literature.
    2. Based on your findings, identify evidence-based solutions to the problem.
    3. Describe methods of advocacy that you could use to present your recommendations.
    4. Use APA style for your citations and references.
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