Learning Theories and Their Applications for Nursing Education

Assignment (5–6 pages not including title and reference pages)Complete the Theory Comparison Matrix for all listed theories. (Note: Include your notes in the cells provided. Also, should you require additional information related to a specific theory, search the Internet and/or the Walden Library for reliable sources to supplement your information.)Using the completed Theory Comparison Matrix, select one theory from the “Psychological Learning Theories” category and all theories under “Additional Theories” and begin comparing each theory and its basic tenets in the area provided in the template.In a 5- to 6-page paper, provide explanations for the following.Describe one method for incorporating each of your selected theories into an educational activity. Note: Be as explicit as possible and provide detailed information.Explain how each of your selected theories may be applied to the role of the Academic Nurse Educator and provide a rationale for each.Explain how each of your selected theories may be applied to the role of the Nursing Professional Development Practitioner and provide a rationale for each.Explain conclusions you have drawn as a result of comparing your selected theories and explaining their applications to nursing education. Be specific and provide examples.

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