leadership to urn around failing companies

Instructions Part 1 Please make sure to answer in apa format and total word count is 3000 words. Please make sure to use scholarly sources and cite sources (4 sources or more).

Lynn Tilton Uses Her Leadership to Turn Around Failing Companies (pp. 491-492)

1. Use table 16-2 to evaluate the extent to which Lynn Tilton displayed the characteristics associated with being a good leader and good manager.

2. Which different positive and negative leadership traits and styles were displayed by Tilton? Cite examples.

3. To what extent does Tilton display situational approaches toward leadership? Explain.

4. Which of the four types of transformational leadership behavior were displayed by Tilton? Provide examples.

5. Would you like to work for Lynn Tilton? Explain why or why not.

6. What can be discerned about leadership from this case?

Instructions 2 Please respond to the two different students below and make sure to stand behind response with at least 2 scholarly sources and please cite.

Student 1 Lashika,

The five bases of power is basically where people get their motivation. The first base is reward power, exhibiting a behavior for negative or positive rewards. This is a formal power source. These rewards can include money, gifts, affections, and verbal praise. This power is also known as reinforcement and punishment psychology. Olivia Pope from the television series Sandal is an excellent example. Any charter on the show will be a good example. “Scandal where political corruption, sexual infidelity, secret lives, and hidden crimes abound” (Clark, 2017). In the show Olivia charges large sums of money to cover up her clients crimes. She even manipulated her job position to win the affections of the president.

The second base is coercive power, my way or the highway. This is a formal power source. The ultimate goal of coercive power is compliance. Mobsters and pirates excel at the coercive technique. Coercive is making people do what you want for fear of the consequences. The movie The Godfather has characters that exhibit coercive power behavior. The Godfather is a movie about mobsters that have to defend their empire. Mobsters beat people up when they are defiant. They are also known for murdering people.

The third base is legitimate power, comes with a career related position. This power can be positive or negative depending on how you manage people (Kreitner, & Kinicki, 2013). This is a formal power source. The Empire is a television program where Lucious Lyon manages a music company unquestioned. An illness leaves him with a decision with whom to turn the company over too. Each of his three sons has their own way of running the business, some positive and some negative. It remains to be seen who the company will belong too.

The fourth base is expert power, which can be called a smarty pants. This is a personal power source. The type of behavior is based off of one’s experience skills, talents and knowledge. People excel in expert power for the desire to reach great levels of achievement. Let’s take a look at the character Sheldon Cooper form The Big Bang Theory (van Zyl, & Botha, 2016). Sheldon was so smart he skipped five grades in school. He is currently a Theoretical physicist for a major company. In the show he is always right and has to have the last word.

The fifth base is referent power, which is respecting and admiring others. This is a personal power source. Celebrities, sports figures or even famous you-tubers have referent power. This power can work for the good or for the bad of others. Let’s look at the celebrity Michael Jordan. He sets forth an example of never giving up. He played basketball, baseball and golf. He is a produce spokesman for Hanes and acted in Space Jam. His shoe lines always has the number twenty-three on them (Brandon, 2014). Celebrities, sports figures or even famous you-tubers have a huge responsible because common everyday people look up to them and see their behavior. They want to be just like these famous individuals.

Student 2 Hailee

Since I am not a movie or tv guru, this assignment was a challenge for me. Reward power being stated in the textbook as managers implementing this type of power to obtain compliance by offering an incentive or rewards, I could not resist thinking of school, School of Rock to be exact (Kreitner, R., Kinicki, A. 2013). In the movie School of Rock substitute teacher Dewey Finn promises his class passing grades and Harvard bound with the completion of his class on their permanent record. These students are examples of individuals behavior being shaped by promises made by someone in power to them. The reward being good grades for the participation of what teacher Dewey Finn instructs them to complete, although this is far from ordinary class work!

In the film Horrible Bosses, Nick Hendricks is under the supervision of David Harken who is indeed a horrible boss. Mr. Harken gains his power more and more as he promises Mr. Hendricks a promotion and with threats of termination for his tardiness, and many other events throughout the movie. In return, Mr. Hendricks performs above and beyond to guarantee himself the promotion he is promised, only for Mr. Harken to fail to keep his promise. This is an example of coercive power because the punishment was expected by Mr. Harken, which had the influence on Mr. Hendricks to meet and follow the instructions and expectations set before him, even when they were unreasonable (Warren, D. I. 1969).

Legitimate power can be seen in action in the film The Proposal, where Margaret Tate has an assistant, Andrew. While in a meeting, Margaret calls in her assistance and without warning, she announces their fictional proposal, and plans to wed. Although, visibly shocked Andrew agrees and follows along with the story being presented by his supervisor. This is an example of legitimate power because despite the uncomfortable situation Andrew was placed in, his superior who has power over his employment led the discussion, and he followed to uphold her authority. Andrew accepted this responsibility involuntary, and much to the command of Margaret due to her authority (Grimes, A. J. 1978).

The film Ironman depicts Expert Power seamlessly. The character Ironman is though of as an expert, or to be very knowledgeable on rescuing individuals from negative situations they find themselves in. In one of many scenes of the movie, Ironman is trusted based on his perceived knowledge and expertise to dislodge debris, which will set in motion the rest of his strategically thought out plan to rescue those in danger. As Ironman shouts commands and instructions for others involved, they follow the instructions without question of his skill level, or confidence in successful completion of the task. The degree to which the information given is accepted depends on the audiences perceived expertise of the one giving instruction, or direction (Gaski, J. F. 1986).

Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow is accepted as a role model on the ship once his prior accomplishments are recognized, a compass which he possesses is discovered, and discussed between other pirates aboard. Referent power is evident because these other pirates can relate closely with Jack, because he too is a pirate and has the same and similar task as they do. Also, he is accepted to have power because his prior ship Captain position on the Black Burrow. The circumstances Jack has overcome and managed to escape is inspirational to others aboard. The perception the other mates onboard have of Jack plays a role in how they model his actions and follow his direction. Any actions from someone in a role model position has the power to influence followers (Reiley, P. peter. reiley@us. af. mi., & Jacobs, R. rrj@psu. ed. 2016).

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