Journal Article Review/Critique Course Assignment

Epidemiological article concerning the prevalence/risk of illness or health in a populationTo successfully accomplish the main objectives of this assignment, students will perform a critical, constructive analysis of recently published studies (journal articles) in the healthcare or public health fields through summary, classification, analysis and comparison. A review and critique of the methodological approach and discussion of the applications in the field are expected.Note: The Methods section of each article should be carefully review.Identify the study design. (10 points)Report the sample size, power and sampling methods used. (10 points)Identify the variables (indicators) explored/analyzed in the study.Independent/Explanatory/Predictor. (Quantitative/Qualitative) (15 points)Dependent/Response/Outcome. (Quantitative/Qualitative) (15 points)Construct, based on your article review, two research question(s) related to the study. (15 points)Include the purpose of the article. (10 points)Report the most relevant findings. You could also use tables/charts from the article. (10 points)Analyze and discuss the main implications of the study for Healthcare/Public Health and howknowledge in the area could be expanded and applied. (10 points)Report the journal articles using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) format.(5 points)

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