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3/16/2021In this Discussion, you will consider a case of child sexual abuse. You will determine appropriate strategies to gather information, analyze the behaviors of the people involved, and consider challenges associated with the case.Read the Week 3 Case Studies document. Choose one case to address in this Discussion.Read the Learning Resources pertaining to family dynamics in cases of sexual abuse.Post a response to two of the following:·  What information gathering strategies would you recommend for the scenario in the case study? What type of information is needed?Within this case study, identify the warning signs or behavioral indicators that are present and could indicate sexual abuse is taking place.·  How would you determine if laws have been broken?·  What ethical considerations need to be addressed in this case study (e.g., developing loyalties, confirmation bias, transference, etc.)?Explain and justify your answers with appropriate scholarly literature.Wallace, H., & Roberson, C. (2016). Family violence: Legal, medical, and social perspectives (8th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.·  Chapter 6, “Child Sexual Abuse” (pp. 197–221)·  Chapter 11, “Professionals and Their Response to Child Abuse” (pp. 319–358)

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