itn 100 assignment

Please finish the work in the file


Smart-Toys-Smart Kids is a toy manufacturing company with their own retail stores. They have been manufacturing and distributing toys to more than 150 retail stores in the region. The company has 500 employees in the Headquarters and conducts B2B transactions with their own retail stores.

  • Given the list of the IT assets and the their risk factors
  • Fill out the Cybersecurity control table for the company



Power loss


External intruder

Internal intruder

(80) Office computers Hardware – Headquarters

(75) Client computers Hardware – Retail stores

(70) Network devices (switch, router)- Headquarters

(90) Internal Business application server –HQ

(90) E-mail server – all offices

(90) Web server – Headquarters

(100) FinancialDatabase – Headquarters

(80) Wireless circuits- Headquarters

(10) Printers – Headquarters

(60) Central Data Storage facility – Headquarters

(90) Software applications for all offices

(100) Data Storage/memory- Headquarters

(100) Database Server- Headquarters

(100) Database Server- Retail stores


  1. Disaster recovery plan
  2. Halon fire system in server room; sprinklers in the rest of building
  3. Not on or below ground level
  4. UPS (uninterruptible power source )
  5. Contract guarantees from interexchange carriers
  6. Extra fiber backbone laid in different conduits
  7. Virus checking software present and updated
  8. Extensive user training about viruses and reminders in monthly newsletter
  9. Strong password software
  10. Extensive user training about password security and reminders in monthly newsletter
  11. Application-layer firewall
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