is pc culture ruining stand up comedy

The PC Debate

Many comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Larry the Cable Guy, and many others avoid performing for college campuses nowadays. They blame “PC culture” (political correctness) for creating overly sensitive and easily offended audiences who take their jokes out of context, rant angrily on blogs, and in effect ruin careers! Do you think these concerns are legitimate? Or are these comedians overly sensitive and easily offended by the audience’scriticisms? Maybe PC culture changes our perception of what’s funny and simply shifts the“line” of acceptability, creating new topics for comedic exploration?

  •  Read the short articles assigned attached below and review week 15 lecture ppt
  •  Argue for or against the claim that “PC culture” is ruining stand-up comedy. A strongpaper will:
    1. 1) Briefly explain what “PC culture” means without being overly biased andinflammatory: What is political correctness for? What are the effects? What is theopposing side to your view?
    2. 2) Argue your position on the topic—is “PC culture” harming or ruining stand-up




  1. Be sure to explain the opposing view and respond to these objections.
  2. Cite class readings to help support your argument.
  •  Write a three (3) page formal essay
  •  Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins
  •  Include a creative title (NOT “PC Debate” or something boring like that)
  •  Cite your sources to provide evidence and support for your argument

o Use MLA format (in-text citations + works cited page)
o… Cite class readings only—outside sources are acceptable for exampleso I discourage citing the PowerPoint slides—do your own research pleaseo Failure to cite and analyze class readings will result in a loss of points


  •  Submitting this assignment to Canvas will check for plagiarism and originality Don’t cheat—it’s not worth it. I report all instances of plagiarism to the Honor Council.
  •  I only accept the following file formats: doc, docx, pdf, txt, and rtf (Google docs and Pages files are unacceptable). If you do not use the proper file format then the assignment will receive a 0.
  •  Also, Canvas/ will not process file names that include special characters or dashes. If Canvas/ does not accept your file then it will receive a 0.
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