instructions are in description box 27

I have uploaded the treatment plan that need to be completed along with the Psychosocial assessment that goes with it. I have also uploaded an example treatment plan called Roxy. The Psychosocial assessment on the client is almost completed. There are a few sections that need to be filled out. The sections are:Mental health history, Medical history, Trauma history, Current living situation (including housing, food security), Strengths, Social worker’s subjective observations, initial impressions (including preliminary DSM-5 diagnostic hypotheses (on hypertension) and any concerns for imminent danger to self or others, and recommendations (including current safety plan if any concerns for imminent danger to self or others), and Follow-up plan. I will also upload pictures of an example Psychosocial assessment. It can be simple nothing major. The husband has no mental health issues. He does smoke but wife does not know he does.

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