infotech in global economy 1

Choose an issue within the topic of globalization that interests you and fits within your PhDIT concentration or research area of interest. You might choose something from the world of IT workers. That’s great, but it’s too broad of a topic by itself. You’d have to narrow that down to something more specific. IT workers and US H1B Visa concerns, probably better. IT workers and attempts to form labor unions within the industry? That would be sufficiently narrow.

So, because you’re all going to narrow your papers down to something manageable for a 2-page paper. Write a short paper that provides the following:

1.A brief overview of the topic

2.Current Trends

3.Recommendations for Future Research

-Use the APA paper template

-Name your file “ITS832 Writing Assignment 1 – “ Walker_Donald (only use your name, not mine)

-When discussing current trends, use recent articles

-No direct quotes unless defining a term

-2 pages min, 3 pages max

Please find the attached Format paper on what the paper should include.

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