Informative Speech

Outline for Informative Speech – Specific AudienceNAME: Neha Gauli1. IntroductionA. Attention Device Statement:B.   Purpose Statement: Today I would like to discuss about Cybersecurity and Crimes.C. Audience Statement:D. Credibility Statement:E. Preview Statement: In order to understand (insert your topic here) we must first examine the following three points:(Transition/ Connective:_________________________________________II. First Main Point: (*note, you can have more than an A/B)A.B.(Transition/Connective:__________________________________________III. Second Main Point: (*note, you can have more than an A/B)A.B.(Transition/Connective:__________________________________________IV. Third Main Point: (*note, you can have more than an A/B)A.B.(Transition/Connective:_________________________________________V. ConclusionA. In conclusion…..B. Review of Main points statement: Today we have looked at:C. Final statement/thought:My audience listening to this presentation is: (describe in one paragraph)Sources:I used the following sources in my presentation: (use the correct citation method for either MLA or APA to list these sources)

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