in what psychological ways does the death penalty affect the minds of criminals 1

I was given a 6 page research paper to due on Justice, and I chose to do the Death Penalty and the way in which it causes more harm than good. The Death Penalty can create psychological affects on families and the victims of it, and it does cost a lot of money in order to get the death penalty to occur. My research also has to involve the book “In Cold Blood” which we were reading in class for this semester. It has to be in MLA format as well. Although I do believe the criminals should face consequences it should not be the death penalty but more so life in prison.

We have to add more psychology in my essay as well the way the mind is affected by the death penalty.

And some example in the way Capote shows justice and it relates to the death penalty in “In Cold Blood”

Thank you so much! I already did my annotated bib and added it in the files for the resources I picked.

xoxo Mia.

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