impact of consumer protection laws on business performance in oman


This Objective aimed to give experience to design and implement an effective project proposal relating to business and information systems.

Task 1:

Project title:

Impact of consumer Protection Laws on Business Performance in Oman.

Background of the study:

Give a detailed introduction to the project undertaken specifying the general aim of your project. Prepare your understanding of the field of study by critically analyzing the pertinent work of other investigators (literature review) leading up to your proposed work.

Research questions:

Prepare the research questions that sets out to answer the research problem specific to the project chosen.

Research Objectives:

Prepare objectives following the SMART way.

Proposed methodology:

Prepare the research methods you intend to go about investigating the research questions. Also provide justification of your choice.


Prepare the referred articles using CU Harvard referencing style. Citations should be added.

Project Guide:

Project title:

The title of your research should explain in sufficient detail what you are doing. Therefore the project title should be well-defined and concise that describes the chosen project. The abstract is supposed to be a quick summary of your project and it is generally a paragraph or two in length. A title can also provide the reader an understanding of the basic point of your project.

Background study:

Introduction: This provides a description of the problem that will be addressed. The background information on the organization / client chosen for the project (if any) can be included. Details of specific department or functions, if required, can be provided. Also, this includes the rationale for the project (why).

Project aim: Describes what the project is all about e.g., “are you trying to build an application / website / framework etc.” Emphasize what is to be accomplished.

Literature: Describes the existing system / any problem or issues faced by the organization / client, which requires this project to be undertaken. This must start with a background of selected topic; the relevant literature identified and give reviews of background reading. Students are expected to review/evaluate the literature in comparison with their project tasks. The literature review must include a clear statement of approach to be taken to solve the problem with reference to the background reading. Keep in mind the following questions.

What kinds of research have been done before?

What relevant kinds of studies or techniques need to be mastered to do your project?

Where is the state of the art today?

How have others gone about trying to solve problems you want to tackle, and in what ways will your approach build on and vary from previous work?

Research questions:

Well-thought-out and focused questions that identifies the phenomenon to be studied.

Research objectives:

Steps you are going to take to answer your research questions or a specific list of tasks needed to accomplish the aim of the project.

Proposed methodology:

Select methodologies to answer the research questions. The reason for choosing the particular methodology must be justified properly.


All citations in the literature review section should be mentioned in bibliography, but not all in the bibliography is important enough to be mentioned in the literature review. In other words, this section is a comment on the most valuable material you have identified which you will need to assimilate to do your project. Please refer to the Writing Manual by Center of Academic Writing.


The realistic timeline (plan) of the project helps to minimize any interruption to the project activities. Timeline is a step by step guide to the stages of the research over the time period. Develop a Gantt chart to achieve this.

*** Words count = 2000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Proposal has been uploaded for more clarification.

*** Report Template has been uploaded to know the structure form.

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