immigration influx to the us

This is a group assignment. I am only responsible for 1000 words/2 Full pages and 1 external source (use parenthetical citation (ex: Edwards, 1999) and also include full citation at the end of the paper) My part of the project will be to “Comment on the current immigration influx to the United States. Discuss whether the current official response is considered as a violation of the repsonsibility to protect. (Indicate if any human rights violations are being committed).”

Do not answer any of the other presented questions in the attachment, what I have written above is the part that I am responsible for. I only provided the attachment for further clarification.

We are to write as if we were an NGO such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch and part of what we have to discuss whether the decision to separate families at the border violates ‘Responsibility to Protect’.

Please write in very explicit specifics. I do not want broad/general sentences as those do nothing for my paper and only cause me to go back in and revise a paper that I have already paid to be written to make it stand up to college curriculum level writing. BE AS SPECIFIC AND DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.

Please do not include a title or a heading, my group will be doing that together.

12pt,Times New Roman, Single Spaced

Thank you for your hard work!! ❤️

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