if you knew you could not fail what would you do to change prevent sexual violence

Demonstrating evidenced-based writing in APA style format, you will be writing a 3-4 pages paper on how you would help others in individual changes. Theme: If you knew you could not fail, what would you do to change/prevent sexual violence?

Requirements for individual changes paper:

1.Your paper must address sexual violence using the theme stated above.

2.Use evidenced-based research (a minimum of 5 research-based) citations to support your topic

3.Your paper should have a running head and pagination.

4.Citations must conform to American Psychological Association (APA) Style, 6th Edition standard

5.Points will be deducted for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and APA style.

6.This paper’s should be three pages of text (EXCLUDING: title and reference pages).


I expect all work that you turn in to be non-plagiarized , well written, carefully proofread, and well-referenced (citations to research/theory to support your ideas). Your paper should include no more than 5% “quoted” material. A double-spaced page consists of about 25 lines of text with one- inch margins. Please use no more than an average of one to one and a half lines of text in quotes per page. An examination of published research will show that most articles use quotes sparingly, if at all. Be sure to follow the attached detailed Instructional Psychology Writing Rubric.

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