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During the course of your employment you may have experienced working for both a male and female supervisor. Discuss from your personal point of view the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of working for each gender. Use real life experiences if applicable.


Prejudice can hinder progress, and many try not to let stereotypes dictate how they perceive people, especially in the recent years. However, these connotations still affect us because prejudice has been so deeply ingrained in society, and the workplace is no different. Throughout history, women have been denied opportunity in the public solely because of their gender. While this has been getting better with more women entering the workplace, it is hard to claim that equality has been achieved. In the case with male bosses versus female bosses, the different perspectives society has on men and women affect the way each gender is perceived in leadership roles.

I have had the opportunity to work under both male and female bosses. I had a female boss when I worked at the Hospital Corporation of America in Nashville, Tennessee, and I currently work under a male boss at Molina Healthcare. I have had good experiences under the both of them, and I can’t recall any negatives working under the two, so I will generalize the typical leadership styles of the two genders.

The general negative perception of female bosses is that they fall into one of two categories, bimbos or dragon ladies (Caserly, 2010). Basically, they are either incompetent or too bossy. Research has shown that people typically consider a male boss who is clear on what he wants as assertive but perceive a female boss who does the same as aggressive. Similarly, when a male boss is empathetic, he is showing concern, but a female boss doing the same thing would be considered too emotional and sentimental (Ogirala, 2017). Despite these constraining views, however, both genders have their pros and cons when in roles of leadership

Pros of Female Bosses

  • Engage their employees better
  • Better at multitasking
  • Bring diversity to the workplace
  • Can serve as a role model

Cons of Female Bosses

  • Can create a big issue out of small things
  • Might be more arrogant about their role of leadership
  • Can be more personal in their work life

Pros of Male Bosses

  • Are more straightforward
  • Better at listening to their employees’ concerns
  • Tend to give their employees more space when they are working

Cons of Male Bosses

  • May not communicate efficiently
  • Can also pressure their employees while working, which contradicts the last point in the pros section
  • Might not be as open-minded

One key point to remember is that these pros and cons shouldn’t be taken as facts that will determine whether male bosses or female bosses are superior. Every situation has its own pros and cons, so when it comes to working under male or female bosses, it all depends on the individual’s preferences, regardless of their own gender. Some males are more comfortable working under male bosses while others like working under female bosses, and the same can be applied to females.

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