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I have already done this I am just adding more:even more personal as we reflect on how course design, through assignments and experiences, contribute to a student’s dispositional growth.  What are the aspects of this course that provide spiritual enrichment and growth to students who pass through it?  EDUC 200 is a gateway course for a variety of students.  Some are pursuing early childhood education degrees or seeking religion/education degrees, while others are pursuing coursework to teach elementary or high school.  Some are just exploring the option of education or other components of this field.  Common to all is the pursuit of teaching in some sort of capacity.  This is an incredible responsibility for one to pursue. Hoping to equip you with a variety of practical experiences and information in this course, also added are components to encourage you to shine your light brightly in the lives of those with whom you interact.  Included in EDUC 200 are weekly devotionals from an excellent resource, Polishing the Apple, additional materials such as Religion in the Public Schools, and bringing attention to the diverse student population in need of loving and caring teachers who are willing to go the extra mile. I pray for you daily in my quiet time. I pray for your families and responsibilities outside of schooling and for the path that God has for you which included taking EDUC 200.  While frustrating as it seems to discuss situations in which expressions of Christianity in public schools is denied, please note that despite all, you can make a difference in your world.  Yes, you!  You, the one who spends time in God’s Word and seek His will through a vibrant prayer life.  You, the one who is fully aware that you were created for God’s purpose, are heaven-bound, and are choosing to spend your time on earth fulfilling God’s design for you.  I hope your time spent in this course provides a deeper understanding of the opportunity available to you to change your world.Out of all of the SCRIP dispositions I chose Integrity because without that none of the other ones work.I am unsure if we are supposed to include this but it will not hurt There is one more section of info & there are interviews on a Discussion board we can refer to as well. I can provide any info. I am having difficulty organizing because I stayed up too late and cannot thinkThe topic of study this week is “Looking Ahead:  Job Opportunities and Expectations”.  You were provided with realistic advice in your teacher interviews about the professional teaching experience.  Now it’s your turn!  You are going to put yourself in the position of the one being interviewed this week in the form of the final exam essay.Week 7 WE have to state 3 advantages(rewards) for being a teacher and 3 disadvantagesAlso use 2 supporting sentences for eachThe intro needs a purpose statement which I have from my last essay and I got a perfect score Check Rubric please I saw this one already written from 2 years agoWere also supposed to pretend were in an interview (while thinking of the 3 rewards and disadvantages) and demonstrate how we would use certain learning stradegiesIt gets a little confusing because 1st its choose 3 things most important that you learned, then different pages have a little more info however I always figure it out. I believe in my personal statement or thesis I choose 3 characteristics that I think are most important either in getting a teaching position or my education philosophy which I have already done thatI will send all of the info and help I sent files  in alsoheres the textbook reference its APA 7 However I can edit if necessary 3 in text citations can provideRyan, K., Cooper, J., & Bolic, C.M. (2016). Those who can, teach (14th ed.). Boston, MA; CengageFinal EssayThe candidate will complete an open-book/open-notes essay of at least 800 words in response to the given prompt as the cumulative activity for this course. It must also include 3 citations from the textbook in current APA format. A title and reference page in current APA format are required for this assignment.THIS IS ALL LEARNING OUTCOMES :Analyze essential characteristics of professionalism and teaching skills.Evaluate some of the rewards and challenges in the teaching profession.Interpret cultural diversity and its influence on student learning.Appraise ways in which schools respond to challenges students face.Trace the historic roots of education while describing issues involving religion in America today.Compare philosophies of education.Describe the legal and ethical aspects of teaching.Determine the relationship among curricula, instruction, measurable standards, and assessments.Critique the impact that societal changes make on the education profession.One more description: its the prompt question in the instruction file

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