i need a essay written on patrice lumumba s vision for a unified independent congo was doomed from the beginning support or refute this statement with examples from the film lumumba and class materials

Write an essay responding to the following question:

Patrice Lumumba’s vision for a unified, independent Congo was doomed from the beginning. Support or refute this statement with examples from the film Lumumba and class materials.

Essays must be five pages in length; shorter papers will receive a penalty. Please avoid silly formatting tricks such as triple spacing, enormous margins, and half page headings; these maneuvers will also incur a penalty. Please use 12 font and 1 inch margins, and double space your paper. Employ correct spelling and grammar to avoid point deductions; a quick spell check can save you points! Avoid use of the first person, contractions, present tense verbs, passive voice and sentences ending with prepositions

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