hypothesis test project

The College Board quotes the average yearly tuition and fees costs for four-year public colleges at $9,410 for in-state students. I believe that can’t be right; the cost per year must be higher!

Attached is an Excel file containing a list of public colleges and their 2017-18 costs. You are to use this to test the above claim. To do so, you will want to chose a random sample of 40 colleges and run a hypothesis test. These calculations should be completed in Excel, with a write up done in Word. The write-up should contain:

  1. The colleges contained in your sample, along with the sample mean and sample standard deviation of yearly costs
  2. A statement of your hypotheses
  3. Your test statistic
  4. Your P-value
  5. Your conclusion
  6. A brief explanation of the results in your own words

Please submit your Word file

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