humanities final

A comprehensive exam comprised of both objective and essay questions covering Chapters 1 – 12.
Students will take the timed objective portion of the final exam via the Quizzes tool. The essay will be submitted via the Assignments tool and will be used also for Gen Ed assessment purposes.
Essay Directions: Address the topic below in a well-developed, grammatically correct critical essay (5+ paragraphs). Follow the organizational format provided below the directions.
Your response MUST be specific, analytical, and detailed to receive ANY credit. You must properly cite (MLA documentation format) specific examples or evidence and discuss it in detail to support your assertions. All responses must be college-level in style and content.

Note: The final revised draft of the Final Exam/Core Assessment Essay must be submitted through the Assignments tool, which will also submit the essay to Vericite.

(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Students who fail to use source material appropriately will receive a zero on the final exam and will be reported to the Dean of Students for academic dishonesty.

Also Note: The textbook is the ONLY source that may be used.

Essay Topic:
Paragraph 1: Identify/describe a prominent individual (artist, musician, philosopher, or writer) and discuss the society/culture in which he or she lived. Be specific and detailed.
Paragraph 2: Describe/discuss the central issues that were significant to this individual, the beliefs he or she attempted to promote through artistic expression, and the impact this work/belief system had on the culture of the time. Be specific and detailed.
Paragraph 3: Describe/discuss a dilemma this individual faced as well as the decision(s) made and actions taken to resolve this dilemma. Be specific and detailed.
Paragraph 4: Describe/discuss the consequences resulting from the decision(s) made and actions taken by this individual and how those consequences impacted his or her artistic expression. Be specific and detailed.
Paragraph 5: Analyze/evaluate two examples of the cultural and/or intercultural influences or elements in this individual’s work and how he or she impacted or changes the society of that period. Be specific and detailed.
Note Again: The textbook is the only source that may be used. Information must be properly cited throughout the essay (MLA format).

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