hrm620 week 5 discussion 1

Prior to beginning this discussion, review this week’s readings and Weekly Lecture.

Everyone has encountered this infamous placeholder on the job description: “other duties as assigned.” What are the implications of this explicit language on performance outcomes? Are there dangers or risks of including subjective language that may or may not be measurable? Are there times that the inclusion of the language might be a matter of life safety?


For this activity, you will debate the terminology, the intended purpose, and the possible actions required when including “other duties as assigned” as part of the job description. Approach the concept from both the positive use and the negative use of this phrase.


Consider the possible supportive reasoning for including the terminology on the job description. Include one resource to defend the use of the statement.


Consider the possible negative reasoning or dangers of including the terminology on the job description. Include one resource to dispute the use of the statement.


Provide a personal decision on the use of the statement, and support your decision with one example that strengthens your decision.

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