hrer 803 lesson 02 internationalization analysis assignment

Write the following in 750 words plus or minus 10%: (USE ADP, LLC)

Diagnose your company’s stage of internationalization or research another company you wish to know more about. Identify the company’s corresponding organizational structure and IHR strategy with clear reference to the readings and make appropriate use of the key terms and models for understanding MNE business strategy and SIHRM (e.g., Briscoe et al., Chapter 2, Figures 2.2 – 2.7 and Chapter 3, Figure 3.1).

Also make sure to address:

  • strategic stage of internationalization
  • organizational structure
  • strength of linkage between international subsidiaries (if applicable)
  • actual (versus recommended) IHRM strategies
  • present or future challenges faced in the internationalization process
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