how would you as an employer have responded to this employee situation

One of the many businesses I’ve owned is a ski and bike shop. When I bought the business, it came with employees – one of the legal conditions of purchase. One of the employees liked to party, and often showed up for work with a hangover. One morning, he staggered in after only a few hours sleep. He was turning on the lights in the shop when a customer arrived to pick up her bike. He asked her to wait while he ran across the street to get a coffee. She said “No, I want my bike now.” They got into a fight, which rapidly descended into name-calling. The customer called him a “Stupid French Canadian”. He called her a “Spoiled Calgarian.”

How would you, as an employer, have responded to this employee situation? Take a look at the two BC Employment Fact Sheets I’ve posted. I referenced them more than once as I decided how to respond.

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