homework will involve using arduino code it recommended you actually check your code compute

This Homework will involve using Arduino code. It is recommended that you actually check your code on a computer with the Arduino IDE.


Problem 1: Write a program that inputs an integer in the range [-32767, 32767] from the Serial Monitor and checks to see if that number is a prime number. If the number is a prime number, have the LED on pin 13 turn on. If not, then turn the LED off.


–Do the actual prime number checking in a function.

–You may display the result of the check on the Serial Monitor.

–Carefully comment your code.

–Suggest ways to make the code more ecient.



HINT: You may wish to consult a resource to eciently test for a number being prime.


For example: http://www.wikihow.com/Check-if-a-Number-Is-Prime


HINT: You may wish to the command Serial.parseInt.


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