homework question 1 1

Your task for this assignment is to do two things: first, you’ll do some work and submit it through this homework assignment, so I can grade it as a homework assignment. Second, you’ll post your homework submission into the first discussion thread titled “Formal Fallacies go Here.” The remaining instructions for posting will be in the forum. Here is your assignment:

You are to create two instances of arguments that commit formal fallacies, as discussed in Chapter 3 of CET. Make sure you familiarize yourself with formal fallacies, as well as arguments with good forms, for contrast. Your assignment in short is to do Exercise 3.2c and post your results as a single post. You can write them out with numbered premises and an identified conclusion, or you can present them as written prose, as someone might when writing a paper. That is up to you. You’ll submit those here AND post them in the discussion forum. As part of this week’s discussion, you’ll also identify fallacies in a classmate’s post. If we each do a post and each identify fallacies, then we can each have a back-and-forth to use as practice with peer feedback. We should also feel free to check out other people’s posts and, once there is a guess or identification, comment constructively to help each other in identifying the fallacies. The original poster can go last and provide what they took to the be right answer.

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