historical foundations of early childhood education in a head start

Historical project: will trace the historical foundations of Early Childhood Education in a head start.The project will focus on the progression of the idea to current day thinking. It will involved written summary. with-inclusion into the time line that demonstrates this historically developing process. This writing project should demonstrate focused effort, be in APA form, and carefully edited.

How is create the head start?

talk about the poor and black people?

How develop and how progressive?

Use reliable sources like this below and more.

book childhood 2nd- edition 1892-2002 Sue C. Wortham read (chapter 4, and page 47).

Zigler, E. F., & Bishop-Josef, S. J. (2004). Play under siege: A historical overview. In E. F. Zigler, D. G. Singer, & S. J. Bishop-Josef (Eds.), Children’s play: The roots of reading (p. 1-13). Washington, DC: Zero to Three Press

Westinghouse Learning Corporation and Ohio University. (1969). The impact of head start: An evaluation of the effects of head start on children’s cognitive and affective development Vols. 1 and 2. Report to the Office of Economic Opportunity. Athens, OH: Author

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