here is the discussion question and it s the same question

I need you write 2 posts and each one about 300 words

So, this week is all about how to manage the most precious resource in business: people. And, as you can probably imagine, this is a HUGE area with a variety of topics that we touch on: management, leadership, motivation, human resource management. Here are some SUGGESTED (but by no means exhaustive) discussion topics:

  • Do you know a leader? What makes him or her a leader? Do you think YOU can be a leader? Why, why not?
  • What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you to do the things you do? Are you dependent on external factors or are you driven by internal forces?
  • What do you think about “equal opportunity” employment practices? Are they always fair?
  • Finally, companies have mission statements. Do you have a mission statement? How do you think a mission statement can help you to live a more focused and ultimately a more fulfilled life?


Here is the requirment of the discussion forum

weekly discussion forum

What is the purpose of the discussion forum and how will I be


The main purpose of the weekly discussion forum is for students to ENGAGE WITH EACH OTHER in

meaningful and respectful discussions. Each week, I will suggest a few topics to discuss even though I

would much rather see you come up with topics that YOU would enjoy discussing with each other. To

keep the discussions manageable, we assign each student to a group of about 15 students.

PARTICIPATION in these weekly discussion foums is also an important part of your grade. Here are the

guidelines that we use to grade you:

ï‚· We expect at least two posts/replies each week. To spread the posts out over the week, we

expect each student to have AT LEAST ONE POST/REPLY BY WEDNESDAY NIGHT and then AT LEAST ONE


 Your posts/replies in each of these two time periods (Mon – Wed, Thurs – Sun) will be graded as


o 0 POINTS: You fail to make a post/reply on time.

o 1 POINT: You write a few sentences that are not terribly original and appear to be written

to fulfill the requirement.

o 2 POINTS: You write a substantial post/reply (exceeding two or three sentences) that

outlines an interesting idea, contributes in meaningful ways to the group discussion and

that is well written.

ï‚· Therefore the MAXIMUM that you can achieve each week is 4 POINTS.

ï‚· While each discussion forum will stay open beyond the deadline of your posts/replies (so that

you can continue your discussions if you wish), we will ignore any posts after Sunday of a given


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