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For this project, you will complete a personal creativity development plan for yourself inspired by the creativity materials introduced in the course. You can certainly do your own research and add creativity resources to your project as long as you provide the sources for your materials.

My hope is that you will conduct an honest assessment of your current “state” of creativity and make plans to improve your creativity in the upcoming years. As a reminder, we have discussed the term creativity in class largely in the framework of creative problem solving and not in terms of aesthetic or artistic creativity. For the purposes of this project, you may expand the definition of creativity to include those more artistic definitions of creativity. Complete your project in any format that you chose but it must incorporate at least three focus areas inspired by course materials or sourced through your own creativity research for your evaluation and future improvement plans.

Assignment Objective:

Students will take information concerning creativity from the course or their own research and transform those materials into a customized actionable plan to develop their creativity and more specifically, their creative problem solving.

Suggested Steps:

  1. Think about your reaction to any of the articles, videos, assignments or discussions about creativity from the semester. Were you spurred to do additional research or thinking about any topic or subject? If yes then those areas might be good candidates for this project.
  2. If nothing leaps out from the semester, you can review the lecture slides, modules and readings/videos from the course that focused on creativity. I have also posted a resource list in the Online Modules folder that lists all of the readings and videos from the semester that were required or optional for your convenience.


  1. Define your selected three “creativity” focus areas.
  2. Evaluate the current state of your abilities in relation to these focus areas. Make sure to detail your methodology of evaluation including examples from your work (school or job) or personal life.
  3. Present your plan on how you will improve your performance in each of your selected focus areas. You need to include your success criteria for each focus area and a time frame to complete your plan.


  1. We should all recognize that this assignment is ambiguous, broad and completely individual. It has the potential to be very engaging and meaningful but that depends highly on your level of effort and interest.
  2. Part of the ambiguity for the project is on purpose because if I provide a specific prescription to you that is what I will receive in return. With you having the ability to complete this assignment via any medium and on any creativity topic, I am hoping to spur your creativity and give you creative freedom to execute however is best for you.
  3. I am planning on these grades being awarded: 100, 95, 90, 85, 80, 75, 70 or below (hopefully no one scores below a 70). Given the nature of this assignment I do not see it possible to determine the difference between an 86 or 87 so I will split grades into 5 point increments using the considerations below.
  4. These are my grading considerations:
    1. 70 and below – Less than 3 focus areas, No or limited definition of the focus areas, No or limited assessment of current performance, No or limited plan for improvement, No or limited success criteria for improvement, No or limited time line provided, No or limited reference to class materials or outside information
    2. 80 or 75 – Includes 3 focus areas, Broad definitions of focus areas, Brief description of current performance, Few activities or ideas for improvement, broad definition for success, limited time line provided, Brief reference to class materials or outside information
    3. 90 or 85 – Includes 3 focus areas, Specific definition of focus areas, Solid description of current performance, Specific activities or ideas for improvement, Specific definition for success, Detailed time line provided, Discussion of association of class materials or outside materials to your creativity project.
    4. 100 or 95 – Includes 3 focus areas, Specific definition of focus area, Thorough description of current performance, Specific activities or ideas for improvement, Specific definition for success, Detailed time line with milestones provided, Included specific references to class materials or outside resources with accompanying explanation of application

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