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Homework Week Two

  1. Give an example of a survey question that is: 1) deliberately biased, 2)unintentionally biased, 3)unnecessarily complex, and 4) likely to cause respondents to lie.
  1. Read Case Study 2.2 (pg.34 – 35) in the context of the seven pitfalls, listed in Section 3.2, that can be encountered when asking questions in a survey.
  1. Give an example of a survey question that is: a)most appropriately asked as an open question and b)most appropriately asked as a closed question.
  1. Explain how “depression” was measured in “Young romance may lead to depression, study says” (pg. 607).
  1. Explain whether a variable can be both: a) nominal and ordinal, b)interval and categorical, and c)discrete and interval.

Design a survey on
Google Form with three questions to measure attitudes towards something of interest of you. Now design a new version by changing just a few words in each question to make it deliberately biased. Send the unbiased question to half of our class and send the biased questions to the other half. You can find a list of student’s emails here. Compare the responses and discuss what happened.

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