help finding indepentan and depandant vveriable 1

Hello, I am so confused, I am struggling with understanding how to find the independent and dependent variable if someone could tell me how to answer or find the answer those questions it would be greatly appreciated. I belive the independasnt verible is the personsal Acievement subcale but I am no confident. thank you please find the question belowz!

Q1. (16 MARKS). An occupational psychologist is hired to monitor Lecturer engagement and burnout during the restructure of a Canadian university. The psychologist administers the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) over three time points to the same 30 staff members: 3 months before the restructure started, in the middle of the 6 month restructure, and 3 months after the restructure. The scores on the Personal Achievement sub-scale were reverse scored and an overall score was calculated by adding those scores to scores on the other two sub-scales, i.e. Burnout and Depersonalization. Higher total scores on the MBI are associated with burnout, which can result in greater staff absenteeism, low morale and increased substance abuse. Note: this is hypothetical data and is not based on any one published journal article.

a) What is the independent variable in this scenario? (1 MARK)

b) What is the dependent variable in this scenario? (1 MARK)

c) Is this a within-subjects design, or a between-subjects design? (1 MARK)

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