hci a professional to write 6 to8 pages must present a controlled quantitative user study

( I ALREADY HAVE AN article chosen) I will send it when I select you;

The paper must present a controlled quantitative user study/experiment involving 2 or more conditions or groups that will allow you to discuss the questions listed in the next section.

Required topics to cover: (Total points 37)

The review should discuss the following topics:

-the research area of the paper and why is that area important (3 points)

-the research question(s) of the study/studies (2 points)

-Did the authors propose specific hypotheses for the study? If yes, what are the hypotheses? (2 points)

-the research methodology of the study/studies, including but not limited to (24 points)

#What is the general design of the study (between group, within group, or mixed?)? What is the strength and limitations of this design? Is the design appropriate for this study? (6 points)

#What are the independent and dependent variables of the study? Are the variables appropriate for the research question? How many conditions and/or groups are examined in the study? (5 points)

#How were the independent variables controlled? How were the dependent variables measured? (5 points)

#What are the statistical tests used in the study? Why were they chosen? Are the tests appropriate for the study? Provide one or more sample #tatements from the paper that report statistical test results (6 points)

#Is the general research methodology solid? (2 points)

-What are the findings of the study? Are the research hypotheses supported by the result? (3 points)

-What are the limitations of the study? (3 points)

References (3 points)

The review paper is required to have a minimum of 7 references. Only 2 of the references can be from the web. A minimum of 5 references must be from books, research journals, or conference proceedings. PLEASE note that the citations in the paper must match up exactly with the reference list. Any paper with citations not in the reference list, or vice versa, will automatically lose 20%.

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