goals obstacles and motivation discussion

Whether you’ve set a goal to lose weight, change nutritional options, start an exercise or stick with an exercise routine, there are many potential physical and mental obstacles/challenges you may encounter along the way. Overcoming an obstacle/challenge, you have to believe you can really do it. Most people will avoid any obstacle/challenge because they’re scared to fail. Quitting or allowing an obstacle/challenge to hinder your goals is failing! Everyone fails at times. It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts. It’s how many times you get up that matters.


In your post please include the following:

Briefly describe two obstacles/challenges that will confront you in your health and fitness goals.

Briefly describe two ways you will motivate yourself to successfully perform an exercise routine.

Please create a mantra/motto you will use to overcome that mental, physical and/or nutritional obstacle/challenges.

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