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1. The horrible events of 9/11 helped open the eyes of many Americans to the threat that radical terrorists posed. The way in which the terrorists were able to slip into the U.S. and onto the planes was almost too easy in many individuals’ opinions. Shortly after the attack many felt that something needed to be done to either prevent or combat these attacks. Which is why the main objective that the U.S. DOJ (department of Justice), DOD (department of Defense), and Homeland Security changed to strictly combating terrorism whether it was thought to be in the U.S. territory or not.

Today the U.S. has continuously reformed the way they study terrorists and eliminate threats to the country. Some of those include gathering “Intel, disrupting events, partnering with allies, eliminating terrorist safe havens, and eliminating the spread of violent extremists” (Thirdway, 2018). However, even with all these new guidelines in place for preventing terrorism the question still gets asked “what more can be done to prevent terrorist attacks or eliminate terrorists altogether?”.

2. Do you think that social media is a great tool for figuring/preventing terrorism or is it a great tool for terrorists?

3. The Political Era where they were giving base on supporting them politically. police really were often unskilled and corrupt people who didn’t know how to do the job and these also people with no job security unless their person remained in office, so they were more loyal to the person who provided their livelihood than to any abstract notion of keeping order and law Professional Era base on the The Pendleton Act of 1883 the job was give based on merit. And community policing this is a partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the people they serve. This helps them both in developing connections within the community, making the police better informed and empowered to solve public safety problems.

4. Political Era – During this period, local government authorities like the mayor would higher police to protect their interests. The police were known to be hired by the highest bidder to maintain order and keep that person’s interest in keeping their place in office. If a riot broke out and it looked like it would mare the acting politician, the police would go in and stop and clean up the mess. It was the norm during the ERA that the police were very corrupt, they used their power to protect their best interests. This ERA of policing is very well portrayed in a movie called “Gangs of New York”. Two other types of policing were created in this ERA, the Sheriff’s office was needed to help the people in newly forming Western towns and after the Civil was the US Marshall’s office was established. Next ERA is the professional Era were communities were getting tired of the police serving themselves and begin to serve and protect the communities. Crime fighting became the “word of the day”, the advance of policing became the main priority, using modern technology like fingerprinting a criminal so that if his prints came up later, he could be proven guilty of the crime. With newly formed crime fighting organizations like the FBI and CIA, we issue in the new ERA of policing the Community ERA. Citizens wanted the police to focus of protecting and serving the communities and let the other crimes fighting organizations focus of solving and stopping criminals. Lastly the ERA that defines our modern world the Homeland ERA. We don’t need to rehash the horrors of 9/11; however, the outcome was the development and restructuring of all our criminal defense agencies to form the Homeland Defense agency.

Two service roles of the police are to “Serve and Protect” the people in their community and maintain a presence to stop criminals from committing crimes against the public. The biggest area where I see the advancement in policing is cybercrimes, too many people in the world use their computer skills to cause problems for all people. Their abilities to hack into credit card databases and steal people’s information and turn around and use it to hurt those people is disguising in my opinion. My first experience with the police was when I was wrongly accused of assault by a coworker. I was sleeping when the police officers showed up at my door to arrest me, they allowed me to brush my teeth and smoke a cigarette before they put me into the squad car. They asked me what happened, I explained that the company lawyers had reviewed the store video footage and confirmed I never touched this person, that the person never showed any signs that I would have touch them. This person was being vindictive because the company deemed that this person was not a good employee and released them. After telling the story the officers never put handcuffs on me and they made my first time being arrested a pleasant experience.

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