game analysis pokemon go

for part 2 of your draft Game Analysis, please write 1 page (12pt, double-spaced) on the following:

(PART A) AUDIO. How does the game you chose make use of audio? This includes music, sound effects, voice acting, and any other ways that sound appears in the game. How does sound influence how the players engage with the game? Note that even if your game has no sound or very minimal sound, that’s a design choice.

(PART B) VISUALS. How does the game you chose make use of visuals? What kinds of visual style and content does the game feature? Do the visuals help guide the player in deciding what to do? Do they provide emotional impact? Do they support the narrative of the game? Again, having a minimalist visual style is a design choice, in the same way that having lush, complex visuals is a design choice.

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