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DISCUSSION 1POST MUST BE 1 TO 2 PARAGRAPHToday many counselors, social workers, and other helping professionals have websites, advertising their services and explaining their approach to therapy. For this discussion, do an internet search of a therapist, preferably in your area. Read the therapist’s bio, which likely will contain information about his or her approach to counseling.What are your thoughts on the therapist’s approach? Based on this information, how do you think you would relate to this helper?Be sure to include the URLDISCUSSION 2After reading through the sections on the case of Stan in chapter 1 of the Corey text, consider the following questions:What is the importance of building a therapeutic relationship with someone like Stan?As a therapist, how would you go about building a therapeutic alliance with Stan?If you were in Stan’s shoes, what would you most need to hear from the counselor in the first session to feel comfortable about engaging in therapy?

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