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Your post should be at least 200–250 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resources.Motivating Staff through Encouragement, Job Enrichment, and Professional DevelopmentThe effective early childhood administrator must possess the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to hire and motivate staff. Creating a positive climate that supports and inspires staff, children, and families requires good leadership and communication skills.Imagine you are a director of an early childhood program. Consider the motivating factors that you cancontrolor change. Based on your understanding of the use of encouragement as a motivator, write a 1-2 sentence “acknowledgement” for the following:CustodianCookOffice ManagerVolunteerTeacher AssistantChild in your programEach acknowledgement should be individualized and recognize the specific efforts or contributions made.Another way you can motivate staff is through job enrichment. Describe a way you could use the job enrichment strategy with:Van/Bus DriverLead TeacherStudent InternFinally, staff meetings provide valuable opportunities to promote professional development. How can staff meetings be planned to best support professional development and growth?Discussion 2Your post should be at least 200–250 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resourcesEffective Practices for Enrolling ChildrenEnrolling children involves much more than the filling out of forms. It can involve interviewing parents, touring the facility, making home visits, and gradually phasing in the children. As part of the enrollment process, families are asked to complete a personal history form and to review the program policies and procedures. Samples of these forms are found on pages 210-218 in the course textbook. Please review these forms and consider the following scenario:During a home visit with the Johnston family, you learn that their four-year-old child is an only child of a young single mom who works long hours. The child is primarily cared for by the 70-year-old grandmother who has limited mobility and is hard of hearing. The four-year-old child has never attended a program before being enrolled in your program. While interacting with the child, you notice that the child’s speech is somewhat delayed compared to peers.How would you guide the Johnston’s through the enrollment process? In your response please include answers to the following:What questions would you ask during the home visit with the grandmother? What additional information would you share with her?What questions would you ask during the parent interview with the young single mother? What additional information would you share with her?What benefits of the gradual phase in will you stress for the 4-year-old who is an only child and has never attended a program?What program aspects would you highlight during the facility tour to help the Johnston’s better understand program expectations and ways the program will benefit their child?What additional actions would you take to support this new family and their acclimation to your program?

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