food project writing 1

This is a food project essay, need to write with the writing instruction post in the attached file. Total need 3 full pages,total word count: 950. with a graph and a calculation. There is one example essay in the guidelines please check and write one similar to that one.

This progress paper should focus on creating a draft of your Energy Balance project (e.g. a rough draft), and illustrate that data collection has been completed and progress is being made.

Your third progress paper should be 2 to 10 pages in length. It should be a rough draft of your project, now due in less than two weeks! This should be a partially completed draft of your final paper, i.e. your outline from week 7 with more parts and pieces added, and paragraphs drafted. You will also need to show rough drafts of your tables, graphs, and data calculations. As before, this should include a list of your references, which should be consistent and illustrate that you have continued to read and gather new resources (e.g. articles, interviews, books, etc.). Grading will be based on progress made from the previous paper and the quality of your rough draft as detailed by the general rubric below.

To help me better evaluate your paper, you need to upload your paper as a pdf or word file. Progress papers are worth 10 points total. Late submissions are penalized per day/late. Finally, a general rubric that I’ll use to grade this last progress paper is as follows:

  • Following draft and format directions
    • 2-10 pages and considering quality (1 pt)
    • Rough Draft that demonstrates progress towards your final project (i.e. goes beyond your outline as addressed above) (5 pts)
    • Includes references which are referenced consistently, including new references if only a few were used in the previous outline, and demonstrates you have continued to research and draft your topic (2 pts)
  • Illustrates proper writing skills and organizational skills, including graphs and tables (2 pts)
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