follow the instructions 29

Each question will examine critical thinking on each assessment, questions should be answered in two to three paragraphs. Please be sure to type this assginment in the correct format, 12 font double spaced

1/Work with a group to evaluate the role of public speaking in creating and maintaining your college or university.

• What role did public speaking play during the founding years?

• How does your school currently use public speaking to recruit new students and

• What role does ceremonial speaking, such as a convocation or commencement
speech, have in maintaining the vision and the values of your institution?

• When issues threaten to divide your campus, how do groups and individuals use
public speaking to negotiate differences?


2/Work with a group to analyze your classroom audience, using the suggestions on pages 16 and 17. Then discuss some adaptations you might make to speak success- fully to your class. For instance, how might your classmates in uence your choice of topics? How might you adapt to diversity? How might the classroom itself, the time of day of the class, and other outside factors affect your speaking?

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