fligby is about balancing people profit and planet sustainability and environment

Topic: FLIGBY is about balancing people, profit and planet (sustainability and environment).

Part 1

Research the top companies that display a mix of the elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR- represented by people, planet, and profit). Choose two that have been examined and reported on since 2017. Go into each of the companies’ websites and report on the following:

1. What is their focus on the planet and how is that functionalized in their actions, spending and advertising?
2. What is their focus on people and how is that functionalized in their actions, spending and advertising?
3. Does it appear that each company’s efforts have a positive (or negative) effect in their profitability?

Assure you use at least three sources; at least one for identifying the companies, and at least one pertaining to each company’s self-reporting of their CSR.

Please read prior student posts, and assure the companies you cover are not repeats of the companies already discussed. You may use the same company only if you focus on a different CSR element. For example, if someone chose a company and talked about its focus on people, you may use the same company if the focus on the planet.

Part 2

Corporate social responsibility includes focusing on the planet, people, and profit. These challenges face Turul Winery and all companies. A focus on the planet is a topic that has a great deal of current relevance.

In a reputable newspaper or periodical, search a current (2018-2019) article discussing government involvement in solving the ill-effects of climate change. What government involvement is discussed? What changes in business practices might be affected (be specific)? What social changes might be necessary (be specific)? What options does society have that can pay for the suggested changes (be specific)?

Please only cover one company in this post.

It cannot be Disney!!!!

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