first draft literature review

write an essay using the steps below : ( the topic is about solar power and food production), (1000-1200 word only)

  1. Begin with a creative title that reflects the current state of knowledge of your research topic.
  2. In the introduction, explain the overarching focus of your literature review and establish why your research topic being reviewed is important. Conclude your introduction with your thesis statement, the sentence or two that reveals the current state of knowledge.
  3. Divide the body of your literature review into the key issues and sub-issues you identified in your analysis of the current literature. As a reminder, these key issues and sub-issues represent the major themes, points, topics, important trends, intersections, and findings about which researchers agree or disagree. The key issues/sub-issues will represent an organized section of the literature review and will be used as a path for further discussion in the body of your literature review.
  4. Introduce each key issue/sub-issue with a topic sentence that describes the synthesis. Details that follow the topic sentence should describe the literature and include source identification and evidence in the form of examples, brief quotes, and paraphrases.
  5. Be sure to use clear transitions as you introduce sub-issues and sources.
  6. Provide source citations according to the required guidelines.
  7. Write a conclusion to your literature review that highlights the presented evidence and that demonstrates any possibilities for future research/action.
  8. Proofread your literature review.

before start writing the essay check out my OUTLINE attached to find the for key issues/sub-issues and the thesis statement/ topic sentences.

Important : you can change the thesis ( any change without changing the meaning)

PLEASE follow the steps above to while writing the essay.( there is 3 samples of this essay, please read it to follow the structure)

MLA format

any further questions, I’m ready to answer

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