find part i ii below 1

Excel Activity #4 — Chapter 8 Instructions: Find Part I & II, below, utilizing Excel and the Excel skills you ascertained from STAT 1102. Print your results in a well formatted professional manner. All formulas/equations utilized within Excel need be pasted within a Word Document, printed, and submitted with your Excel results (i.e. if you instructed a specific cell within Excel to make a specific calculation, for example Cell C2 is set to “=AVERAGE(range…)”, then on a Word Doc list: Part II – NAPS Data: Lack of sleep costs companies about $18 billion a year in lost productivity, according to the National Sleep Foundation. In recognition of this problem, many companies now make quiet rooms available for employees to take “power naps” during work breaks. A major airline enacted a new policy that encourages employees to take a nap during their breaks. The data lists the number of complaints received from each employee during the 6 months before the nap policy and during the 6 months after the policy change. The airline wants to know if the new napping policy reduced the mean number of customer complaints against their employees. 1. State the null and alternative hypothesis. 2. Run the appropriate test in Excel and give your results appropriately. 3. What is the test statistic and p-value for this test? 4. State your conclusion at ∝=.05. Make sure to express this conclusion in the context of this problem.

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