final week for enterprise risk management course 2

Subject: Enterprise Risk Management

Discussion topic: Assessing Performance

Chapter 35 presented a case study on ERM at Malaysia’s Media company Astro. The focus of this case study is to convey how ERM can be used to assess portfolio performance.

Since this is the last discussion and this is a short week, this discussion will be pretty simple. You only have to do TWO things.

A) Create a new thread. State (honestly) that you read chapter 35 and summarize what you learned from the chapter one or two sentences.

B) Give me your honest assessment of how effective the discussions were this semester. You are welcome to discuss the Wiki assignment as well, but I doubt if I’ll use that type of assignment in the future. (I will add 2 free bonus points for giving me your assessment of the discussions. That means this discussion is actually worth 6 points.)

NOTE: You do NOT have to post comments on other students’ threads for this discussion.


Students will create a short video using their technology device .In this video they will discuss and share their experience in this course .

Questions and Instructions for completing this assignment :

video/record yourself discussing your lived experiences during this semester .

Video must be brief and you must introduce yourself

Assignments you enjoyed

Recommendations for future students interested in taking this course

Recommendations and feedback for Professor Piper

Completion : You May use your cell phones,laptops,IPads etc to record the video ,save it as a slideshow or media file.

Remember have fun doing this project because it’s what education is all about: Fun while learning.

Upload and post the link here for your peers and professor to access.

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