You  are to create a PowerPoint project regarding a learning theorist or  theory identified in Chapter 3 of the textbook  (also available as an  “E-Chapter” for the POWER Learning textbook) and/or in the sections of  the OpenStax resources that are available as “E-Chapters” as well.  Some  examples include classical conditioning, operant  conditioning, cognitive theory, Ivan Pavlov, Albert Bandura, and Edward  Thorndike.  The PowerPoint project should be a minimum of 10  slides in length (1 title slide, 8 information/content slides, and 1  References slide).  You should use quotation marks when quoting and cite  appropriately when quoting or paraphrasing.  APA (6th ed.) writing  style should be used when using in-text citations and when indicating  references on the References slide.  A total of 3 references should be  used, your textbook and two other references.

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