final exam essay 11

Follow Instruction and answer correctly. I will give you file case Uber and lecture of Business Ethnic, and ebook “Creativity” Pixar below.

There are 2 essay questions for final exam for preparing. PLEASE DO CAREFULLY.

Strategic Management Final Exam Sample Essay Questions

Business 189 aims to teach you to think strategically – that is, to think about and take part in making decisions about the big questions of what the organization will try to do and how it will do it. The final exam will test to what extent you’ve developed these skills. The largest part of the exam will be the writing of two essays.

“First essay question: Sustained Competitive Advantage
Since achieving and sustaining competitive advantage is so central to strategic management, The first essay question will deal with that topic.You will choose one several sustained competitive advantage topics to write on. Some possible topics include:

  1. Pixar has had sustained competitive advantage in animated film production. Why do you think Pixar could do this? In answering, discuss core competences Pixar created and resources it built, especially intangible resources. Why do you think Pixar was able to build these competencies and resources? Do you think the advantage will be sustainable in the future? If you do, tell what Pixar resources you think are Valuable, Rare, costly to Imitate, and Organized for value capture. If not, suggest how Pixar might be beaten.
  2. Do you believe Facebook has sustained competitive advantage? If so, tell what resources and competences are the basis for this advantage. Do you think Facebook handled the monetization of its user base well? Facebook is under great pressure because of issues of fake news, misuse of the platform by totalitarian governments, etc. Do you think Facebook can address these issues and still maintain growth and competitive advantage in accounting profitability terms? What strategies would you recommend it adopt now?
  3. You and a friend have just decided to set up a coffee shop (or some other kind of spot for personal relaxation – if you are thinking of something other than a coffee shop, tell exactly what you are thinking about). Tell what kind of industry structure (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, etc.) you think the coffee shop industry has. How will you manage to achieve sustained competitive advantage over the many other coffee shops? What competences will you pursue, what resources will you build, and what strategies will you adopt to build them?

Second essay question:

  1. On pp. 419-420, our text asks whether Uber is the “most ethically challenged company” – that is, the company that has been perhaps most prone to ethical violations. Yet Uber is one of the most successful startups in history. Do you think this indicates the U.S. business world’s ethical and corporate governance principles may not be working very well? What changes do you think are needed? Do you disagree or agree strongly with any of the ideas about business ethics that the text discusses on pp. 433-437?”
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