examine how people put too little or too much emphasis on their love lives

Using an argument presented somewhere within one of the thematic readings this unit, you will write a 2-4 page a literary analysis essay in which you explore an issue presented in the literary work in order to make the appropriate connections between the creative work and the real world.

LENGTH: 2-4 pages (Works Cited not included in count)

Key Requirements:

  • In this essay, you will how a creative work is modeled after real life situations. You must make a claim, offer reasons and evidence in support of your position, in order to bring your reader to a logical conclusion.
  • This paper must adhere to MLA style or APA style guidelines. Confirm with your instructor which format he or she would prefer you use on this assignment. Information about these style guides and your academic pathway is listed on the syllabus. Additionally, there are modules within this unit on both MLA and APA style specifically for this assignment. You will need to properly cite the following:
    • Incorporate one argument explored within only one literary piece – either a poem, a short story or a play – we covered this unit from our textbook Arguing about Literature.
    • Identify at least one current events article published within the last few years from a credible news source which highlights the issue found in society in order to demonstrate the timeliness of the issue
  • This paper must be at least 2 – 4 pages in length AND must be at least 1000 words long. This generally equals 3 complete pages. Do not exceed 4 pages. The works cited page is not included in the page count. If you do not meet the minimum length requirement, you will not earn a passing grade on the paper.
  • Make sure to upload each assignment as a Word document (.doc or .docx) in the Assignments tool within the Assessments tab above.
  • This paper must be typed, double spaced, font: Times New Roman 12.

Any plagiarism on this paper or any of the steps in the writing process will lead to immediate failure of this course, so please do not make that mistake.

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