evaluate critical decision making

  1. The Story of Your Decision

    Reflect on a decision you made that you later regretted due to poor decision making. With this personal scenario in mind,
    respond to the following questions, providing details regarding the situation and how you could have handled it more ethically or professionally.

  2. Steps to a Better Decision

    Rewind your story back to your decision. In the space below, write out the steps you could have taken to make a better decision using the following questions as guidelines:

  3. Question 1

    1 Point
    What was the situation that required that you make a decision? Define the criteria, goals, and objectives required for making the decision.

  4. Question 2

    1 Point
    Evaluate the effect of the problem. What issues did your poor decision cause you and others?

  5. Question 3

    1 Point
    Identify causes of the problem. What caused the issues to happen when you made the poor decision?

  6. Question 4

    Frame alternatives. What is an alternative decision you could have made that would have had a more positive outcome?

  7. Question 5

    Evaluate the effects of alternatives. What positive outcome could have resulted had you made a better decision?

  8. Question 6

    Make the decision. In hindsight, what decision would you have made instead?

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