Ethical issues

Read the dialog below.  Answer the questions that follow.Meet Lucy Fuego.  Lucy is the C.E.O. of a large apparel company, called Serpentine Designs.  Lucy’s company has “knocked off” or copied the t-shirt design of a smaller company.The smaller company, called Creative Designs, is run by Eve.  Eve is intimidated by the power, reach, and resources of Lucy’s company.  However, Eve’s company is now losing money on a shirt that was one of her best sellers.  Eve decides to email Lucy directly.1.    Eve:   “Hi Lucy, Did you know that your creative team stole one of my t-shirt designs?”2.    Lucy:  “Oh, Hi Eve.  We didn’t steal your shirt, we simply knocked it off.”3.     Eve:    “You copied the design, the color, the font; it’s the same shirt”4.     Lucy:   “What can I tell you, Eve?  We didn’t do anything illegal.”5.    Eve:    “Well, you may not have done anything illegal, but that’s because the laws protecting 
     designers haven’t been updated in over a century.  But that’s not my point, whether what you did was legal or illegal; it was immoral.”6.    Lucy:   “I’m sorry Eve, this is the culture of the fashion industry.  And that shirt has been a big hit for us.”7.    Eve:  “You’re making money, but I’m losing money.”8.    Lucy:  “Well, that’s what matters here, money.  I’m in this industry to make money.  If the. roles were reversed, you’d do the same thing to me.”9.    Eve:  “No, I wouldn’t.  I understand money is a value, but it isn’t the highest or only value.  I’m in this industry because this is my vocation; this is what gives my life meaning.  This is a moral way for me to make money.”10.  Lucy:  “Oh, Eve, that’s so cute; what a quaint idea.  But this is the way the apparel industry functions, and it works for us.  It gets us to where we want to go.”11.  Eve:  “So, whatever makes you money is okay?”12.  Lucy:  “Precisely, Eve.  As long as it’s not illegal, it’s our guiding principle.”13.  Eve:  “Well, some things are wrong even if they’re legal”14.  Lucy:  “Oh, there’s that cute idea again.  Hey, would consider coming to work for me?  We could use that idea to sell a lot t-shirts?”1. There is a conflict of values between Eve and Lucy.  What is the conflict?  In other words, what value does Lucy primarily represent and what value does Eve primarily represent?  Defend your answer.2. Is Lucy a utilitarian?  Why or why not?  Is Eve a utilitarian?  Why or why not?3. What is cultural relativism?  What would or could a cultural relativist say about Lucy and Eve’s dispute?4. What is a conception of The Good?   What is Eve’s conception of The Good?  What is Lucy’s conception of The Good?  Defend your answer.5. What is Lucy’s overall argument?  What is Eve’s overall argument?Please answer all the questions I need this asap.

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