English composition

APA-6th-Edition-Template-without-Abstract.dotPaper Due by Week 3Essential Question: Why did you choose Nursing as your chosen profession?Requirements:750-1,000 word countMust use  APA formatUse citation resources as a guide for writing.See rubric for more full credit of 100 points-Title page -25 points-Essay (content should be in paragraphs with correct grammar)-50 points-Reference- 25 pointsGrammar/ Sentence Writing RubricMasteryAlmost ThereResubmitSentence StructureEach sentence has a subject and a predicate. The sentences are easy to read and understand.Each sentence has a subject and a predicate, although the use of some words may make the sentence a bit unclear.My sentences may not include a subject or predicate.  There may be a run-on sentence or sentence fragment.SpellingAll words in my sentences are spelled correctly.  If I did not know how to spell a word, I used my resource such as spell check.I may have misspelled a word and did not use resources such as spell checkI may have misspelled two or more words and did not use resources such as spell check.PunctuationA capital letter begins each sentence. There is correct ending punctuation in all sentences. Proper nouns are capitalized.A capital letter begins each sentence and ending punctuation is correct. A proper noun may not be capitalized.I have one or more errors for not capitalizing the beginning of sentences and/or using incorrect ending punctuation. There may be errors in proper nouns.TypingThe spacing between words, and letters within words, is well done.Most of the spacing between words, and letters within words, is well done

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