engineering 28

Lab # 1 Homework Answer the following questions using Excel, Print off hardcopies of data anal plots to turni in during class Mn Wednesday, September 18, Be sure to highlight final ariswers and display the equations used for calculations. This equations should contain references to the cells used. You will need to enter the last two digits of your CW ID into the sprealsluect at the location implicated in order to see la la. ) 1, As a NASA engineer, yu are charged with the task of calculating certain perfornia1fwe nitrics for a new mket design, In order to do s6, you will need to know the total mass ejected frostni the Tocket ‘s propulsion system during a flight , The Trass flow rate over the callrse of a test burn Wias recorded, From the data given in labi _ problemnl. xls, plot the mass flow rate as a function of time, plot the mass ejected as a function of time, and determine the total mass ejectead over the test burn. Mass ejected will be the integral of the mnass flow rate with respect to title. 2. An engineer at Cierieral Motors is tasked with deterTraining the work Moduced during the power stroke of a cylinder in a new experimental engine. The data from a test is given in labl problem2. xls. Plot the pressure as a function of gas Volunnie and determine the total work produced. The total work is the integral of pressure with respect to volume

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