Electronic Health Record (EHR) Vendors

  • Utilizing the information in the scenario and the information that you have compiled, conduct quality research, and suggest a list of electronic health record (EHR) vendors that would best suit the needs of Yorkshire Clinic.
    • Your selection recommendation will require you to examine various vendors that sell EHRs in the United States and to select the vendor that you feel will best suit the needs of Yorkshire Clinic.
    • Research may include calling vendors, requesting information from a vendor directly, or extensive Web research.
    • The following link provides a valuable go-by that will assist you in this week’s assignment: EHR Guidelines for Health Centers. Use the go-by as a foundation for this week’s assignment.
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation to Mr. Magone that details your research of at least 3 EHR vendors in the United States.
    • The conclusion of your presentation should include your recommendation of what company you chose to provide EHR capabilities to Yorkshire Clinic.
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