econ question 11

Propose and defend a solution to the problem identified in assignment one (attached)

The final analysis must include a complete theoretical justification/defense of your proposed solution.Do not assume the reader knows the background materials.Your final analysis should be readable and understood by any colleague from your workplace.Treat this final analysis as a policy written for your immediate supervisor.

Addressing the issues included the feedback you receive on assignment 1 is essential to the success of the final analysis.

Feedback on assignment one:

The problem is more corporate culture in nature

The base of the problem is a very big cultural problem within the organization. The solution should be something that will impact the whole organization. For example, it is not only two people not communicating, its no one talks to anyone in the company.

A culture where everybody is used to talking to each other, there will not be communications problems since people of different levels feel free to communicate with one another. In this case, when someone new comes to the company, he or she can be greeted and talk with everyone within the organization. The key answer to the problem is how would you suggest that this organization being to change what is clearly not communicative culture into a culture where everybody talks to each other. To solve the problem, the solution will be something that will start from the bottom up. Top people can’t make the company culture to be communicative, but other employees can make that communication culture by communicating with each other. It supposed to be a mix of personalities and everyone can still comfortably communicate with everyone. With comfort comes trust, communication, and safety. The whole solution should be focusing on how to make employees communicate with each other comfortably.

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